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Scoop Dogg Snow Pushers by Buyers
High Volume Severe Duty Pushers for the Serious Snow Contractor

backhoe pusher box Backhoe Pusher Boxes 12' or 14'

loader pusher box Loader Pusher Boxes 12', 14', 16' or made to order

skidsteer pusher boxSkid Steer Pusher Boxes 8' or 10'

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What is a Scoop Dogg Snow Pusher

Containment Plows, Snow Pushers, Box Plows all describe the latest and greatest when it comes to pushing snow.

Unlike Standard snow plows, Scoop Dogg Snow Pusher Series allow you to move more material faster utilizing the existing equipment in your fleet, without modifications!

Oversized pushers can move up to 5 times the volume in the same period of time.
One pass plowing in some cases can make a big bang for the buck.

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What makes them so great?
General Specifications and Details about the Sno Pro Pusher


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1. Powder Coat Finish, "Industry Exclusive",
for durability and corrosion resistance
2. Exclusive Extreme-Duty H-Beam Design.
14" push beam for superior support. We
put support where it’s needed most.
Engineered for strength.
3. Extra Durable Lower Posts. Bottom
support posts are fully welded giving the
posts the exceptional strength. This keeps
the post higher off the ground. In case of
accidental roll back, the bottom post does
not get destroyed.
4. Extreme-Duty Upper Posts. Upper post
support tubes eliminate the need for costly
channel rolls. They are fully seam-welded

and spaced for maximum effectiveness in
lending support to the overall strength of
the pusher.
5. 3" inside posts and 3/8" side plates, help
prevent damage to sides from accidental
impact during extreme operation.
6. Extreme-Duty Wear Shoes. Wear shoes
are made from abrasion resistant steel for
far greater wear life than most competitor’s
wear shoes.
7. Rubber Compound Cutting Edge. The right
edge for all your needs.
1½" x 10" (loader and backhoe models)
1" x 8" (skid-steer models)

specifications subject to change

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